Thoughtful post, for the most part. Way too suspect of Trump motives and far less suspect than is warranted of Biden's and completely misses the point of why all of these poor people of color are risking life and limb to come to a country roughly 50% of Americans feel is the most racist country on earth, and it is rife with white supremacy. So please answer why are they deciding on their kitchen tables to come? The answer is that the country they are leaving is really bad and the US is better. Why is that lost on you? I actually write about the poor, neglected, forgotten and overlooked. But I just do not consider the color of their skin as criteria for my sympathies.

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thanks and I will keep reading.


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Mar 26, 2021Liked by Steven Beschloss

With immigration, as with so many other issues, the GQP seeks to fearmonger bigots.

Once properly fearmongered, the bigot vote lets them elect candidates who are either authoritarian to the core, craven and power mad, or Libertarian fanatics who will readily prostitute their office for the Koch faction super-rich. All this at the expense of the American people. All to the detriment of democracy.

Sadly, this call is often targeted at and answered by people who call themselves Christian without ever having learned the Christian message of works.

What other issues can we add?

On the fearmongering side we can include guns, abortion, gays, Jews, transsexuals, blacks, Muslims, terrorists, drugs, gangs, murder, rape, and on and on.

Among appeals to nostalgia (the phantom "lost" America), we find knee jerk patriotism, the lie of rugged individualism, self-reliance and the work ethic, the imagined loss of military might, appeals to simplistic faith, secularization (the accelerating retreat of Christianity), etc.

What have I missed?

How many of you can expand this list?

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The intention of comments is to share ideas, not attack each other.

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21 days after you wrote the hit piece on Greg Abbott, Texas deaths have gone from about 300 a day on average when you wrote it to about 100 a day over the last three days. The number of cases might be lower if Biden hadn’t allowed all of the migrants with Covid commingle. In another piece you talk about trying Trump for murder. Feel the same about Biden?

This is too easy Steven like so many other conspiracy theories such as an Nick Sandman and the Indian gentlemen, obviously the Russia hoax and investigation, all we really have to do is wait till it all plays out and see how wrong you are all of the time. The problem is during the wait you and others like you are damaging this country like we’ve never seen before. Eric S’s let’s burn the GOP to the ground is a disgusting comment shared by too many of you out there who can’t stand up to a legitimate debate. I do this to blow off steam, I don’t pretend to educate any of you because you’re not interested in the facts, just demonizing all of us deplorable’s. I was hoping there would be more give-and-take and people here actually looking to solve a problem not just blow off steam and denigrating 50% of US citizens. Very disappointing but none of you seem to be practicing unity that your president promised …

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Irene, I agree. Eric, this is just another post calling half of America deplorable. Thanks for trying to help UNITE us, NOT!

See me and all of my Republican friends don’t feel any different than you do about racism, immigration etc. OTHER THAN we want it (immigration) done legally. Even expanding the number from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 legal per year is fine. Maybe even 3 million, why don’t we debate that rather than call all of us that simply want the laws on the books and forced or changed deplorable, in need of reprogramming. Seems reasonable to me, I invite an argument…

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Wow! As I said a few hours ago Democrats want immigrants to enter our country legally too. Every time you say

we don’t, you are fear-mongering & refusing to engage reasonably in debate.

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Still think Democrats don’t want open borders? Come on Susan… let’s have an honest conversation/debate. Are you willing?

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Susan, maybe there is more to your comment then what you said above, I didn’t read it so I’m not familiar with the context. I do not understand your claim that you want immigrants to enter illegally. You may personally and your friends may want that, this administration the house of representatives and the US Senate don’t. If you want to debate that have at it and I will respond if your comments are reasonable and on point, but if you really feel that way you should be writing your president, your senator and everybody else. I hear nothing but lies coming from the administration about this mess, they won’t let journalists in, they didn’t have a plan except undo Trump no matter what… etc.

Talk about heartbreaking and needless suffering for hundreds of thousands, just look at the Biden policy. I’m sure you hate Trump, even though I haven’t read anything you’ve posted, but his policy worked, it worked better for Americans, it worked better for Mexicans, it worked better for Central Americans. They weren’t coming to the border and being caged, they stopped coming because they didn’t want to remain in Mexico. For crying out loud what is it the Biden administration doesn’t understand about incentive. Let’s See, anyone from around the world is invited regardless of merit, or a known or suspected terrorist, regardless of whether they have Covid, regardless if it makes the cartels rich and allows them to tie up the border with migrants while they smuggle all of their drugs through other points. Children weren’t being trafficked, women and girls were being raped etc. etc.

If you agree with all of this how can you support what’s going on? Maybe you should be a Republican… Maybe you don’t know what’s going on... I watch the fake news and see how they lie constantly. My 28 your old daughter, very bright… Third year of medical school, is generally a Democrat. I’m OK with that as long as she’s operating with the right information. She finally came to me the other day because she saw the NBC network flat out lie about something she knew about extensively. And it wasn’t a mistake it was an intentional lie. It made my day that she has finally woken to what’s going on in this country. I can’t wait till the day we get back to real journalism, because I ultimately blame them and frankly people like Steve (am I canceled because of this Steve?). If real journalists would ask real questions I’m of the opinion that there is a whole lot less that divides us than it appears. But everybody needs clicks and will do, say or write frankly anything that will make them a buck.

Finally back to the original point, if you’re still reading… I’ve shared my point about the administration and half of America apparently supporting this policy, please tell me how you or why you feel Democrats generally only want legal immigration. I think you’re trying to stick a square peg in around hole but I’m willing to listen… Have a good day and I appreciate your demeanor. It’s refreshing coming from somebody on the left…

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I apologize, I reread before posting but didn’t catch in the very first paragraph I wrote illegally and meant legally…

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horrendous crises for the usa and the poor immigrants!! heartbreaking

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