While the influence of Fred Trump, father, was spurned by his son, Junior, and messed up his life to the point of alcoholism, heart break and death at 42, it had the opposite effect on son Donald who emulated his father's actions and beliefs and was his father's favorite it would seem.Fred Trump was associated with the KKK, owned properties around NYC which were verboten to black renters. One called Beach Haven was meant for veterans. The famous singer, Woody Guthrie, lived there for a time writing but never published:" Beach Haven ain't my home, I just can't pay the rent. My money is down the drain, & my soul is badly bent. Beach Haven looks like heaven where no blacks are come to roam.No,no,no! Old man Trump. Old Beach Haven ain't my home." Donald helped manage these properties, doing his father's wishes.

In 1989,a white woman was raped in Central Park by blacks. The wrong ones were convicted, later freed, but trump had called for them to be executed. When there were Black Lives Matter protesters for the killing of George Floyd, trump said,"Can't you just shoot them? Just shoot them in the legs or something." And get the military to "beat the f... out of them."

He described laziness as a trait of black people. He wanted The Apprentice to have white versus black teams. And it was Obama's jokes about trump that set off the birther harangue. I remember looking at trump's face as people laughed, it was grim and unforgiving.

He is exploiting Herschel Walker in Georgia just as he does having/paying blacks to sit behind him at rallies.

If this isn't racism, what is?

As for Merrick Garland, if he does not bring criminal charges, it bodes disastrously for the continuation of the US to be a democratic country. Others who would follow trump would know they would never pay a price for misdeeds. DeSantis is waiting in the wings and more dangerous perhaps as he is smarter, can claim to be a veteran, and media has him constantly in the news, so, widely recognized. Garland has a terrific law background in major cases, yet, with trump, he hesitates, and the clock is ticking fast to the next elections. Two theories are he doesn't want to give the impression of being political and he fears another disaster like Jan 6 if trump convicted. His credit is on the line. Does he wish to be Robert Kennedy, noted as one of the best AGs ever or a convicted and jailed John Mitchell or a lying William Barr? Most likely, he will just be considered mediocre, his past glories forgotten. President Biden can fire him.There are aggressive judges standing by i.e. William Young, US District Court. Scary that the future of the country may very well lie in the hands of mediocracy.

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