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Thank you for speaking plain truth so clearly. We don’t want to see anyone hoodwinked into a horribly repressive corner, or worse. I see DeSantis as a mini Mussolini. With zero charisma, but some people are listening .

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There is a linguistic side to this ugliness.

"Woke" is used in the expression "to be woke" as a past passive participle. But the standard English past passive participle for "wake" is "woken" or "waked." It therefore sounds ungrammatical to a speaker of standard English.

I think that "woke" is meant to remind people of non-standard, particularly, African American English, and thereby takes on a racialized tone.

Racism remains the original sin of the U.S. experiment.

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I have spent some time looking up Ron DeSantis' background to try and understand why he has become the man he is today. His family would probably be considered upper middle class.He attended Yale, graduating magna cum laude in history. He went on to Harvard Law School. He was a JAG naval officer, presided over Guantanamo Base,went to Iraq as a Navy Seal, was an assistant US attorney, and received 4 medals. Sounds good so far, right? Hardly compatible with the Republican base that they all want to keep. Trump(of course) says he made DeSantis , but the man considers himself a Reagan follower. So what has he become?

He fought Mickey Mouse, taking away Disney's tax advantage. He is against Obamacare. he has redrawn Florida congressional districts which eliminates 2 that are primarily black. He made racist remarks against his last opponent. He wants public gun carry law, requiring no license or training, and he is against gender identity, sex orientation. Although said to be voluntary, he wants university students to disclose their political leanings. Like trump, he was/is lax on controlling covid.

He fired a twice elected Democrat Tampa prosecutor who said he would not enforce anti abortion laws, and they aren't even passed yet. The Florida Supreme Court is beholden to him. He is worth $29M. I believe Carlson prefers him as said DeSantis does more than whine (like the other guy.) He goes to rallies in other states where candidates espouse the big lie.

He certainly knows the US Constitution, has sworn to uphold it,and as a Virgo, is absolutely more intelligent than trump( but then who isn't? trump, a Gemini , known to be liars.) He therefore knows how to do dirty deeds.

Florida is a mixed political state. 40% Democrat , 36% Republican, 20% Independent. Charlie Crist is counting on the 40%ers to vote in the upcoming governor race. Although the national poll shows people are now more concerned with keeping democracy alive, Floridians constantly complain about food prices and President Biden. I never hear them talking about DeSantis. (Yes, I live in Florida to be near family , but I would go back North in a New York minute.)

So, what happened to old same as me Virgo Ron?

Perhaps what has been called a superiority complex. He has held positions of responsibility that required intelligence, knowing what to do better than others. Synonyms include arrogant, assertive, infallible, dictatorial. He has tasted power most of his life. He wants more. Like the quote I think, therefore , I am--he thinks he is better than others, so that makes it so. He can look at himself in the mirror and see the most powerful man in the world, wink and smile. We have another, more dangerous man with whom to deal and defeat

What do you think?

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