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Stand with Ukraine. In this country, many trivialize freedom, corrupting its meaning to justify not having to wear a prophylactic mask. How much of our history is forgotten or ignored! Stand with Ukraine!

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Steven, I can't even finish reading this. Blaming Trump is so pathetic. I will link to a post I am dropping today. The US is paying Russia $60 Million a day for oil. And the devastating profound sanctions have waivers for Russia to keep getting paid. While at war. It would be refreshing if you used your considerable talents to expose the corruption going on in this country's energy policy. When will you ever stop blaming The Bad Orange for everything?

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Short answer: If I didn’t think Trump was relevant to a discussion about Putin and democracy, I wouldn’t mention him.

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fair enough. I really think the Durham case will explode that relevance, or at least point it to the actual guilty parties. I just believe trump lives in your head, and it has become so easy to lay the blame for everything. The Hunter girlfriends just testified for hours. A bit convenient that any evidence in Ukraine may now have a short life. Time will tell, but the border, inflation, crime, parents, truckers, are all still there. Just the war is more sexy for TV now.

I just dropped this one about those concerns I have. Be honored if you gave me a read.




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