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Media Misses: How Fox News Uses "News" to Misinform about Trump

By avoiding context, a false moment of praise by Trump can appear like he's become "measured." He hasn't.

Today’s installment of our short video series, “Media Misses,” looks at Fox News pretending that Donald Trump instantly turned “presidential” in his Iowa victory speech. Seriously. “Media Misses” pairs me with Mark Jacob, author of the necessary “Stop the Presses” newsletter. Consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

There’s a tiny technical glitch in the intro, but I hope you’ll find the whole piece of value. Mark and I will keep highlighting examples from around the media landscape that fail to tell the truth by relying on old, worn-out journalistic habits, assuming this election season can be covered like any other, minimizing the anti-democratic dangers of Trump and his enablers—and putting our democracy in increasing peril in the process.

You can watch our latest conversation here:


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