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Media Misses: The Wall Street Journal Embarrasses Itself

By ignoring Trump's own words and stated agenda, the WSJ wants GOP voters to believe Biden is the real dictator

Welcome to the latest episode of Media Misses, the short video series in which Mark Jacob and I take on the media’s failures in this crucial time for America. Today's example: Allysia Finley of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board dishonestly claims Democrats are “projecting” when they say Trump wants to be a dictator.

We should expect to see more gaslighting articles like this one from the Journal’s editorial pages over the next year. The playbook: Claim that Biden, not Trump, is the real dictator—and all the assertions that Trump has dictatorial intentions is just Democratic “hysteria” and “psychological projection” to “avoid unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors.” In other words, ignore your own eyes and ears. Ignore what Trump and his Project 2025 planners have revealed. This is not only dangerous: Its journalistic malpractice.

You can watch our conversation here:

Mark Jacob writes the insightful “Stop the Presses” newsletter. Give it a read if you haven’t already. And please do share this short video.


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