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The New York Times Should Take Aim at the Real Problem: Trump

Whether Biden stays or goes, we face the threat of a SCOTUS-backed dictator. Check out our latest Media Misses.

In today’s short Media Misses video, we discuss The New York Times calling on Joe Biden to drop out of the race after his bad debate performance while failing to demand the same for Donald Trump. The Times insisted it was up to the Democratic Party “to put the interests of the nation above the ambition of a single man,” yet refused to demand the same from the Republicans because they’ve been “co-opted by Mr. Trump’s ambitions.” What’s wrong with this picture?

You can watch the conversation here:

Media Misses pairs me with Mark Jacob, a former Chicago Tribune editor and author of the excellent “Stop the Presses” newsletter. Check it out if you haven’t already. And please do share this conversation.


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